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Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Oxford University
(Oxford, Oxfordshire, England)

Many people who come to Oxford simply travel by car. Visitors can take the M40 or M25 that can take them to Oxford in an hour or so. Traffic in the city is relatively light, except in the peak commuting times of 07:30 to 10:00 and 16:30 and 18:00. Visitors are advised to park their cars at these times and use public transport instead.

Travel by Air

Oxford does not have its own airport, but travellers headed for Oxford usually arrive by way of London's main airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick. It is one of the world's largest and busiest airports. It has convenient amenities such as traveller lounges and fast food outlets. Travellers can reach the university from Heathrow by taking the railway system called the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station. From there, they can catch a fast and inexpensive train ride to Oxford. Gatwick is London's second largest airport, and it is about 130 km / 80 miles from Oxford. It is equipped with modern facilities including a large duty-free outlet. From Gatwick, travellers can take the bus to the university.

Car Hire and Road Transport

Hiring a car in Oxford or to get to Oxford isn't too difficult, but you can also navigate the centre of the city by foot and public transport quite easily. Parking and narrow lanes might present a problem, but a car is handy for exploring the countryside or to go looking of independent accomodation out in the suburbs. Booking online will secure you the best rates.

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Car Parking

Pay-parking lots are widely available on and off campus. Parking is available at each college in the university; however, the number of slots is usually limited and restricted to college students and members only. Visitors are advised to use the many parking lots around the city, usually located near popular attractions and places of interest.

Travel by Trains and Rail Travel

Oxford's main train station is located on Botley Road. It has regular trains travelling to other popular destinations such as London, Coventry City, and Birmingham. The trips from Botley Station to these cities usually take an hour.

Travel by Buses and Coach Travel

Visitors can go around the city by bus. The city's main bus station is located in Gloucester Green. They can also take the coaches bound for or from other parts of the UNITED KINGDOM. Public bus stops with helpful information on bus routes and timetables can be found all throughout the city centre.

Travel by Taxis

Taxis are widely available in the city, and they can be hailed right off the street or booked by phone. Travellers should expect to pay a more expensive taxi fare if they carry a lot of luggage or if they travel at night.

Oxford University

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